For Moms, Saving the Planet Begins at Home

Don't Greenwash the EarthSince the first Earth Day back in 1990, millions of women have begun to protest the rapidly declining health of our planet.

For the past eleven years, Earthday Resources has issued its “Don’t Be Fooled Awards” to the top ten greenwashers of the previous year. Greenwashing is defined as “disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.”  This year’s report includes some of the most popular brands that market to women:

— Kraft’s Post Selects Cereals, for falsely promoting its cereals as having “natural ingredients” when the corn used in the cereal is genetically engineered.

— Tyson Chicken, for promoting its products as “all natural,” even though the company treats its chickens with antibiotics.

— Clairol, for claiming to offer a “truly organic experience” with its Herbal Essences line of shampoos when the product includes multiple chemicals that are not organic.

— General Motors, for falsely promoting its cars as environmentally friendly, when their SUVs get very few miles to the gallon and are far more harmful to the environment than most automobiles.

Corporations continue to recognize that women have 85 percent of the purchase power in the U.S., and women are increasingly using that power.  The EcoMom Alliance is a global network of mothers that are working to create an environmentally sustainable future through education, social networking and partnerships.  In-home EcoMom parties help moms learn to prepare waste-free school lunches, find locally grown food, buy in bulk, and use “smart” power strips that shut off electricity to the espresso machine, X-Box, laptop and coffee grinder.

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