Influencer Engagement

At Girlpower Marketing, we see the power of influencer marketing daily. Ninety-two percent of consumers say that recommendations from people they know, or follow are more powerful than brand advertising, and 74% say that word-of-mouth influences their purchasing decisions.

Valued at $16.4 billion in 2022, the influencer industry shows no signs of slowing down as a core marketing strategy. The role of influencers will clearly continue to help brands connect with their consumers in highly relevant ways.

We start any influencer program with core brand messaging and brand goals that align with what success looks like to our clients – whether they are looking to start conversations, drive sales or build brand loyalty. From there we develop content strategy and specific program details.

We carefully curate an ever-evolving group of content creators that span different social platforms, content niches, geographies, and age. We offer a high-touch, human-driven process throughout each stage of a campaign and do a deep dive when vetting influencers to find the best fit for our clients.

Social platform algorithms are constantly evolving, making it harder for influencers to organically reach their audience without any kind of paid amplification. We dedicate a portion of each influencer campaign budget to paid social media to ensure that our client’s message reaches their intended audience.

Our influencer engagement services and capabilities include:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Influencer Discovery & Recruitment
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Message Direction
  • Influencer Tool Kits
  • Campaign Management
  • Quality Assurance
Influencer Engagement Services - Girlpower Marketing