Marketing to Women

Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, controlling over $31.8 trillion in worldwide spending, and half of the private wealth in the U.S. Yet many marketers continue to treat women as a niche audience instead of the key drivers of purchase decisions that they really are.

Women are not homogenous; they are married and single, moms and childless, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X, and now Gen Z. Marketers must understand the nuances of each and how to talk to them. At Girlpower Marketing, we bring a deep understanding of the female consumer to our work: we understand what’s important to her and who she trusts. We specialize in creating programs that bring your brand and these powerful consumers together in a true meeting of the minds.

Our services include:

  • Research & Insights
  • Brand Personas & Lifestage Segmentation
  • Online Surveys & Informal Focus Groups
  • Spokesperson Management
  • Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Reviews