Seneca Farms Integrated Product Launch: Oatmeal and Fruit

Campaign Objectives

Build awareness and drive trial of Oatmeal & Fruit with women, who are the gatekeepers of the family fridge and who make 92% of all food & beverage purchase decisions. Key to this strategy was the creation of the first “Children’s Nutrition Survey” with Harris Interactive, which indicated that nearly 70% of U.S. households were skipping breakfast due to lack of time. Insights from the survey were woven throughout the program messaging.

Implementation of Campaign

  • Developed an integrated strategy to employ traditional PR and social media tactics as the most cost-effective means to maximize reach and frequency to the target audience both online and offline.
  • Created blog as a centralized social media resource for recipes and news updates.
  • Utilized multiple social media platforms to build communities and one-on-one relationships, educate consumers and drive trial.
  • Engaged blogger community through sampling program, allowing them to preview the product, feature it on their blogs and promote the product through contests & sweepstakes.
  • Conducted a product review with 20 editors at the offices of Meredith Publications.
  • Utilized regional Registered Dietitians to provide a cost-effective means for producing local broadcast segment opportunities in key markets.
  • Engaged a national Registered Dietitian to provide expert credibility and to act as product spokesperson, providing content and appearing on national morning shows.

Campaign Results

  • Increased Facebook fans from 13,000 to 54,000 in 11-month period. Generated 150+ million total impressions via social channels, and 19.2 million online placements.
  • Generated over 150 premier posts about product on relevant, high-traffic blogs.
  • Reached 3 million listeners with Radio Media Tour.
  • Secured “Today Show” placement, 55 newspaper/online placements, 9 radio interviews and 10 local market broadcast segments. Coverage included Hungry Girl, Weight Watchers, New York Daily News, Radio Disney, OC Family, “AM Northwest,” Progressive Grocer, Today’s Diet and Nutrition, Parents, Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, Fit Magazine, and many more.

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