Elevating Summit Brands During Covid-19

Campaign Objectives

With Spring Cleaning season just around the corner, Girlpower Marketing was engaged by Summit Brands to make sure that their product lines, including Glisten, Woolite, Plink, Out and EarthStone were part of the national conversation on Spring Cleaning.

Implementation of Campaign

Knowing we immediately needed to update their approach so they’d be relevant online, we began rebranding their social media channels in a way that showcased the brand’s personality, making it more relatable to the consumer. We developed and executed a media campaign and custom social marketing program, including a suite of revamped content, strategic influencer campaigns, and a smart and efficient ad program designed to maximize impact, exposure and value.

But as COVID-19 hit, the conversation immediately shifted from Spring Cleaning to COVID-19, with a greater focus on disinfecting.  Our team immediately pivoted to revise strategies and remain relevant to American consumers as we introduced information and a new way of looking at household cleaning.  With COVID-19, products that might normally have been left out of the conversation were now front and center.

Our experienced influencers connected the dots with their stories, content and imagery – delivering the Summit Brands messaging straight to consumers. From concept to key messages, hashtags to visuals, we communicated the brand story in a way that made it shine.

Campaign Results

In just two months, results included:

  • Revenues: 260% INCREASE in ecommerce revenues
  • Social Action:
    • Impressions: 1,700% INCREASE on Instagram
    • Engagements: 1,400% INCREASE on Facebook
    • Fans: 75% INCREASE on Instagram
  • High-ROI Social Media Ads: 45 ads yielded 602k impressions & 389K engagements at a cost-per-action as low as $0.01.
  • Influencer Marketing: 17 influencer campaigns amassed 75+ social media posts (Instagram in-feed, Stories & Facebook posts) & 90+ branded images/videos with a social audience of nearly 1 million.
  • Media Secured: “Today Show,” USA Today/Gannett Syndicate, BuzzFeed, CNET, Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping, Food & Wine, Progressive Grocer, Bustle, Detroit News, Casual Living, Cooking Light, Eating Light, Family Handyman, Restaurant Hospitality, Fort Wayne Business Weekly, Reader’s Digest, Gadget Review and more, totaling more than 851 million UMVs.

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