Health & Wellness

Health and wellness is about a lot more than not being sick. Today’s consumers want to integrate wellness into their daily lives – their activities, their families and their workplace.

Our experience includes translating scientific data into consumer-friendly messaging, developing educational websites, conducting influencer engagement programs, and building relationships with consumers via social media.

We’ve helped create the National Fiber Council for Metamucil, positioned California pistachios as the preferred snack of choice, and supported Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. Other clients our team members have worked with include such trusted brands as Nivea, Johnson & Johnson, Wonderful Almonds, Moxxie Essential Skincare, SENSA Weight-Loss System, Enova Oil, and more.

Our health and wellness PR and marketing expertise includes:
• Nutrition & Supplements
• Fitness
• Wellness
• Beauty & Personal Care

To learn more about how our approach can help your health and wellness brand, please contact us.

Health and Wellness PR and Marketing