Home & Lifestyle

Today’s consumers want to feel connected to the home and lifestyle products they purchase. They want to understand not only why a product or service is the best choice for them, but also how that brand compliments and represents their own lifestyle and ideals. At Girlpower Marketing, our team helps our clients engage their customers wherever they are –- at home or at work, shopping, playing, and in their online communities.

We’ve partnered with Barnes & Noble on their annual holiday campaign, launched BabyFirstTV, and created Ivory’s Search for the Next Ivory Baby. We’ve also worked on behalf of such home and lifestyle brands as Pampers, Old Spice, Disney Interactive, Universal Studios Home Video, Hoover, Tomy Toys, Rufus & Coco Petcare, Hoover, Siemens Appliances, and more.

Our Home and Lifestyle marketing and PR expertise includes:
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Household Products
• Baby Care/Pet Care
• Entertainment & Toys and Games
• Consumer Electronics
• Financial Services

To learn more about how our approach can help your home and lifestyle brand, please contact us.

Home and Lifestyle Marketing