A Valentine’s Day Lesson on Marketing to Women

Marketing to Women on Valentine's Day

How to Market to Women on Valentine’s Day

With the day rapidly approaching, I recently conducted a poll with approximately 200 women regarding their thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  As I suspected would be the case, the results were as varied as the women themselves.  Some felt the day was simply a Hallmark-inspired holiday to be ignored, while others happily embraced it.  Some liked the typical traditions of the day, while some looked for a way to make the day unique to themselves.  But the common thread running through all the responses was that they all wanted the day to represent something authentic.  Something that sincerely reflected what is important to them – whether it’s the store-bought card with traditional chocolates and roses, or something more personal –– a potted tree, an antique book, or a special day for herself and loved one.

Authenticity is key to women, and not just in their relationships –– they want authentic relationships with the brands that are part of their everyday lives as well.

Today’s women are savvy about how marketing works, and recognize insincere marketing ploys when they see them.  Their b.s. meters are on red-alert.  That’s why they often trust their peers over industry experts.  With women controlling 85 percent of all purchase decisions (representing $7 trillion in spending), marketers need to achieve high-value relationships with women.   And that means being authentic.   Today’s brands have to be believable to be loved, using real people, real language and real stories.

Does your brand speak to women in an authentic way?