All the Single Ladies

Ann Marie - The Single Lady

The Changing Face of Single Women

Single women on TV have historically been a reflection of our changing societal times. First there was Ann Marie – AKA “That Girl.”  Then there were Mary Tyler Moore, Murphy Brown, Ally McBeal and Carrie Bradshaw.  All unique women in life stages as complex as the times they were living in. These were not their mother’s daughters, but a whole new era of modern single women.

Today’s women are responsible for in this country.  A large segment of these women – 59 million to be exact – are single.  Even with that staggering number, advertisers aren’t taking the time to learn how to speak to them or, more importantly, listen to them. Single women are not necessarily moms, and they’re definitely not married with children.  They are as unique in their opinions, influences and buying habits as any other consumer group, and want to be recognized for the economic influence they yield.

Marketing to Single Women

Marketers can let go of outdated stereotypes by listening to this group and exploring their unique lifestyle.  Just as ad campaigns now reflect moms as multi-faceted with many things going on in their day besides doing laundry or cooking dinner, brands must recognize and reflect the ways in which single women choose to live their lives, and how their lifestyle influences everything from parenting and politics to shopping and brand loyalty.