3 Reasons Brands Should Be Using TikTok

Even at first glance, TikTok is a no-brainer for marketing, and brands are starting to notice. While the app does have a reputation as a social platform for younger generations—think Generation Z and even some older members of Generation Alpha—the truth is that TikTok appeals to people from all ages. Yes, that even includes Baby Boomers.

In fact, only 60% of the nearly one billion monthly TikTokers are Gen Z. Of the remaining, 30% are Generation X and Boomers. These adults are on TikTok for an average of 38 minutes per day. This alone is a great reason to use TikTok for your brand marketing. But there are a few other big reasons you may want to start using this platform.    

Powerful Algorithm

Because many consumers, particularly younger ones, tend to be wary of corporations, brands themselves may not garner as many followers as their influencer partners. In addition, buyers from Gen Z, the Millennial generation, and Gen X prefer authentic content that’s entertaining rather than overt advertisements.

That’s where TikTok really helps brands shine. TikTok uses a powerful algorithm to aid in topic searches that allows videos to go viral even if the creator has zero followers. The more a user searches on TikTok, the faster the algorithm learns their preferences. Within a short time, brands can find themselves in front of their target audiences—either through brand-created content or through influencer videos—without targeting those buyers. Instead, the buyers encounter the videos simply because they search for content that fits the brand’s target audience on their own.

Easily Connect with Influencers

Another thing TikTok does well is connect brands with creators for meaningful influencer campaigns. With a business account, brands can search for creators, learn their audience type and size, see their engagement rates, and discover the brands those creators already work with.

This information can help a brand determine if they’ve found a creator who fits their brand standards and targets their brand audience before engaging in a business agreement. With other platforms, much of this information must be discovered manually through tedious searching and requests for statistics.

In an era where fake accounts and bots still plague Instagram and Twitter, this transparency into creator statistics is refreshing and valuable.

Drive Sales

As fun as TikTok is—and should remain—the sole purpose for most brands entering this arena is to drive sales. TikTok can certainly support that goal, with more than 92% of users taking some action after watching brand videos, whether from the brand itself or from an influencer partner.

While first-time viewers may not make a purchase, they can engage in other ways, such as commenting, sharing, or liking the video; following the brand featured in the video; visiting the brand’s website; seeking out other social media accounts; and reading reviews. Each of these actions can lead consumers to make a purchase.

So, should your brand be on TikTok? TikTok allows brands to tap into the content their target audiences want to see, without spending a lot of advertising dollars. And if you flex your creative limits and create exciting content on a regular basis (with or without the help of passionate influencers), TikTok’s robust, hyper-reactive algorithm will display your content to more and more people, just like on Instagram.

All that said, can your brand afford not to be there?