Campaign to Watch: Milk’s “Everything I Do Is Wrong”

Milk Campaign - Everything I Do Is Wrong

Guest Post by Patti Minglin, Go Girl Blog

Although articles appeared in several major media outlets (NY TimesWashington Post), there hasn’t been a lot of buzz about the latest campaign from the California Milk Processor Board.  The campaign, “Everything I Do Is Wrong”, is “trying to boost sales of dairy milk to adult women by highlighting a benefit–relief of PMS symptoms.”

But, here’s the marketing to women twist:  The campaign, according to an article in Marketing Daily, “ostensibly appeals to the men who have to live with the women who have PMS.  And in the creative, as well as grassroots events around the campaign, it’s all about men who are grabbing up milk by the carton to bring home to their dragons, er, wives.”

We haven’t seen all the creative, but did visit the new microsite.  Our question: Is this really a ‘marketing to women’ campaign?

We’re anxious to hear from all of you–what are your thoughts?