I’ve Flipped For the Flip!

Flip Phone Markets to Women

The Flip: A Marketing to Women Success Story

I recently purchased the Flip video camera.  While I originally purchased it to throw in my purse for personal use, as time goes on I find that it’s becoming very useful in my professional life.

These easy-to-use video cameras are about the size of a digital camera, record by just touching a button, and connect directly to your computer with a built-in USB.  There are several models out now due to the popularity of the original model.

The size and features make it very easy to take the camera with me to record family events, my son’s sports events, school activities, etc.  But the Flip, at under $200, also makes it very affordable to publish video stories, make video presentations, and for bloggers to enhance their blogs with video stories.

Women have totally embraced the Flip, and for good reason.  It’s a great product that is small, easy to handle, convenient to throw in a purse and intuitive to use.  It can even be personalized.  Women do not respond to a marketing campaign that simply has been “feminized’ with clichéd colors and topics. Today’s women are not looking for a watered-down version of a male offering. Instead, they’re looking for solid information, ease of use, stellar customer service, and brands that are looking to build real relationships with them based on their interests, personal identities and problems that they need to solve.  Thanks to the makers of Flip for hearing us!