Marketing to Women: Why Content Marketing Is A Great Strategy

Content Marketing and Women

Market to Women through Content Marketing

You’ve heard about it. Content Marketing. By its simplest definition, Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of different types of media designed to create a relationship with your customers and build loyalty for your brand. What could be more perfect for reaching women?

Women, like any other consumers, want information about the products and services that we’re spending our hard-earned cash on. But we’ve pretty much turned a blind eye to traditional marketing — fast forwarding through TV commercials, ignoring magazine ads, and hitting the “X” on banner ads. Great content, whether it is a blog post, infographic or video is perfect for giving us the information we need when making purchasing decisions.  We can comment on it, and share it.  However, when creating great content that is designed to resonate with women, marketers need to remember a few rules:

Avoid Stereotypes when Marketing to Women

Using old stereotypes and clichés is one of the quickest ways to turn off a female audience.

Content Marketing: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

All women are not the same, and they don’t respond to the same messages. Understand generational and lifestage differences and structure brand messages accordingly.

Build Relationships with Women with Content Marketing

Look for ways to help female consumers not only build relationships with your brand, but with each other.

Don’t Overtly Target Women when Marketing to Them

Don’t try so hard; we’ll see right through it. A subtle, more nuanced approach is more effective.

Remember the Emotional Connection

Emotions play an important role in a woman’s purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. We don’t always buy a product or service because it’s the best value for our money; many times our choice is driven by an emotional connection.