On Earth Day: Doing My Best to Be a Green Mom

Being a Green Mom on Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and that means a huge amount of green messaging will be coming at us from all directions: the media, environmental organizations and companies positioning themselves as green.  Many of those making noise on Earth Day have the best of intentions, although some simply want to jump on the bandwagon to increase sales. But no matter what the reason, one thing remains true –– we must be kind to our earth.

I write this post as a mom, and not as a marketer.  As someone who simply wants to ensure that the world I leave my child and family is a good one, and not one that my generation has abused and left for future generations to try and fix.

Earth Day is a teachable moment for us as moms.  It’s an opportunity to educate our children.  It’s also an opportunity to get on a greener path –– one that involves less single-use plastics and more recycling; less toxic products and more green ones; less electricity wasted, and more energy saved; less printing, more e-reading . . .

I look at Earth Day as an opportunity to begin an incredibly important conversation about what we can collectively do to treat the planet better –– and not just today but every day of the year. It’s a big discussion and one that offers a huge array of small solutions, the first step of which is simply joining the discussion.  And so my question to everyone is:  what are you doing to make a difference?  All thoughts, comments and solutions are welcome.

Happy Earth Day.