The Buying Power of the Power Moms

Buying Power of Power Moms

Moms Have Buying Power

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows that moms are the most coveted consumers in the U.S. market.  Their buying power tops $2.4 trillion annually, and they control or influence 85 percent of all household purchases.

Maria Bailey has written a new book called Power Moms that delves into that power of moms.  In her book, Bailey acknowledges that mom bloggers are powerful influencers.  However, she notes that these bloggers are only a small fraction of the 83 million mothers in the U.S.  Which means that marketers reaching out to mom bloggers are leaving a lot of moms untouched – about 70 percent of them to be exact.

Power Moms Have Influence

Power Moms (those influencers that align with a brand’s goals and marketing needs) can be reached by marketers both online and offline.  Moms tend to build their sphere of influence around a personal passion – whether it be cooking, entrepreneurship or service to others.  The challenge for marketers is to identify that group of moms that aligns with their particular brand’s goals and needs, and then to have the knowledge, awareness and ability to tap this powerful and lucrative market.

Marketers: Does your brand reach moms in a way that is relevant to them?  And moms: Do you find that most brands engage with you in a way that makes you feel understood?