Why Pink Is Not a Marketing Strategy

Pink is Not a Marketing Strategy

Must Marketing Strategies Geared toward Women Include Pink?

A recent article in the Huffington Post talks about Nokia’s plan to launch the first smartphone specifically geared towards women — the pink N8 – complete with an ELLE fashion app and an option to install a “Little Pink Diva Theme.”  But does a product need to be pink to appeal to women?  Absolutely not.  In fact, often the reverse is true.  Sometimes painting a product pink simply tells a woman that a brand hasn’t really given any thought to her and her needs at all.   Pink is style, not substance, and it certainly isn’t a marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies Aimed at Women Must Be Relevant and Authentic

Marketers cannot rely on outdated assumptions and stereotypes when trying to engage women. To be relevant to women consumers, marketers need to do the hard work – taking the time to learn about women and understanding what motivates them to order to present their brands in a meaningful way.

Yes, this can take time, and there’s no quick fix.  But a woman’s b.s. meter is always on –  and she knows when she’s being addressed in an authentic, sincere way. . . . and when she’s not.

What do you think – are pink products patronizing to women?  Is this a desperate and dated strategy by Nokia?