5 Food and Beverage Marketing Trends for 2017 You Should Know

Food and Beverage Marketing and PR

The transition from 2016 to 2017 brought more change than we have yet to realize. If you’re ahead of that turn, aware of what people will want—and not just what they want now—then you can craft successful food and beverage marketing campaigns for your brands. Let’s take a look at some of the growing trends we’re already experiencing.

A Return to Roots: Traditional Food and Beverage Products

A feeling of home and belonging is paramount at the moment. In the current political climate, many are seeking out foods that take them back to their roots. Traditional and retro-inspired products, designs, and campaigns will be huge. After all, no one will forget this Budweiser Super Bowl commercial soon:

In addition to a return to roots, consumers may also seek out foods that teach them about other cultures. Connecting to their fellow man through the things they eat and drink is just one way consumers will continue to broaden their worlds. Two emerging trends are Asian dishes such as pho and ramen, which are inexpensive and include fresh ingredients, and Jewish comfort food with a contemporary twist.

Searching for Youth in Foods and Beverages

Middle-aged and older consumers are enjoying healthier lifestyles and, thus, more youthful appearances. This health and confidence leads older buyers to act younger than generations before. Midorexia, or the middle-aged millennial, will react to food and beverage marketing that focuses on their health and wellness.

Magnum Ice Cream is one brand that really understands, as you can see in this particular ad. Also, FitBit — thought not a food and beverage brand — understands this quest for longer life spans, as you can see in the commercial below:

The Rise of the Child: Fostering Independence with Food and Drink

People aren’t just trying to look and feel younger; they’re also teaching children to act older. Parents will continue trusting their children to give opinions on the food and drink purchased for the family. Quaker has really reached out to children in their ads, giving them reasons to choose the healthy options. There’s also this truly funny commercial for Halos:

Part of the reason for this increased independence for children is the struggle for parents to find a work/life balance. With both parents (or single parents) in careers, the time needed to plan shopping and meals is limited. Giving children the responsibility of helping with those choices relieves some stress for the parents but also encourages more mature decision-making in the kids.

The Need for Time: Marketing Quick, Healthy Meals

That work/life balance that working couples or singles strive for means that the time needed to plan and cook healthy meals is limited. Studies show that 43% want meals that are easy to cook, 34% want something that’s quick, and 18% want to use as few pots and pans as possible.

That need for time must also balance against the desire for healthy choices. Tech-driven start-ups like Plated, Hello Fresh, and Blue Apron are dominating the scene, giving consumers the ability to cook gourmet meals without added hormones, preservatives, and colors. Food brands that can provide a similar experience will see a big boost in 2017.

The Multichannel Experience: Food and Beverage Marketing Beyond Traditional Media

Our changing world leaves buyers with a lot of questions. They will look to several different channels to get those answers. When marketing your brand, be where your buyers are – online, in stores, on apps, in both social media and traditional media, and anywhere else your buyers live on a daily basis.

Brands can never again tell consumers what they want. It’s the buyer who shapes the narrative and determines the need for their families. The buyer controls the cash. It’s up to marketers to create an experience with as little friction as possible, while also helping consumers sift through the enormous amount of data they receive from the various channels they use to get their information.

What will you do this year to enhance your buyers’ experiences? How will you help them return to their roots and recapture their youth? How will you create experiences that draw them closer together and give them time to enjoy their lives? If you need help with your food and beverage marketing, we’re here for you.