Five Global Trends For Marketing to Women

Marketing to Women on a Global Scale

According to Bridget Brennan, author of “Inside Why She Buys: 
How to Reach the World’s Most Powerful Consumer,there are five major trends driving the global female population, which are key to determining their wants and needs. These global shifts are just beginning to be tapped by businesses to their fullest potential.  Studying the trends of women among all age groups will lead to a better understanding of how to deliver the goods and services that women want and need.

  1. More Women in the Workforce – More paychecks = more disposable income.  Women are the “bulls-eye” for consumer goods manufacturers.  These working women are not just making money –– they’re spending it.
  2. Delayed Marriage — Young women are no longer waiting for Prince Charming; they’re buying big-ticket items and services now!
  3. Lower Birthrates – Kids have become a lifestyle choice – the percentage of women having only one child has more than doubled in twenty years.  Across the world, parents are lavishing more time, attention and money on fewer children.  These kids are becoming brand-savvy at a very early age, and have tremendous influence on their parents’ purchasing decisions.
  4. Divorce Economy Means Two of Everything – Divorce rates are skyrocketing.  With the economic freedom to leave a bad marriage comes more need to create new households and buy specialized services.
  5. Older Women Redefine Market – Boomer women, who live longer than their husbands, stand to inherit money from both their parents and their spouses over the next twenty years. This is a new breed of older women: active, engaged and not afraid to spend.