Lessons From a 12-Year Old

My son leads a charmed life.  As the youngest child in our family, he experiences more perks than the others did.  But amazingly enough, he takes nothing for granted and seems to have dodged the entitlement gene.  He is my hero.  From the very first minute he entered the world, I’ve been completely in awe of him.  Daily I wonder who really is the parent and who is the child, as it seems that it is he who is teaching me.  Among the many life lessons I’ve learned from him, the following stand out:

  • Never give up
  • Be humble
  • Admit mistakes –– and learn from them
  • Don’t look left or right –– live your own truth
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Compete hard, but never compare yourself to others
  • Success is what’s in your head . . . and your heart
  • Sensitivity to others is the mark of a true gentleman
  • Have fun
  • Be passionate