I Heart My Uggs: Word of Mouth Marketing Works

I Love Uggs: An Example of Word of Mouth Marketing

One of the best things about winter in southern California is that I FINALLY get to wear my Uggs on a regular basis.   I look forward to this time of year when I can wear my Uggs all day, every day.   I love my Uggs. Yes, I’m a brand advocate –– an ambassador, if you will.  Marketers, take note –– word-of-mouth is a powerful thing, but only when the product delivers an amazing experience.  My Uggs do not disappoint.

I was first introduced to them when I started spending most of my free time in freezing ice rinks watching my son play hockey.  Some of the other moms and I were talking about how it’s difficult to look stylish and warm at the same time.  One of the moms was wearing Uggs, and initially I was repelled by their lack of style.  But I finally decided to try a pair, and the first time my cold, exhausted feet felt that lush lambskin, I was sold.  I didn’t care how ugly they looked; I wanted them in all colors.  I’m still grossed out by the vision of Pam Anderson in a bikini and Uggs, and think it’s odd to see young girls running around with mini skirts and Uggs, but I totally understand why they would want to stay in them as much as possible.  It’s like being on vacation, without going anywhere.  And so, though some of my more chic friends continue to shake their heads, my Uggs are here to stay.