Why I Broke Up With My PC

Falling in love doesn’t take long.

A few weeks ago I plunged into the world of Mac after spending my entire technological life with PCs.  Following the initial adjustment that is inevitable when you make the transition, I finally asked myself –– why had I waited so long to switch?

I love my Mac –– I truly love it.  From the moment I flipped the “on” switch, I felt like it was trying to anticipate my needs and make whatever I wanted to do go as smoothly as possible. It almost seems human. With a PC, no matter what version of Windows I used, it always felt like handling a stick of dynamite.

A year ago I seriously thought about getting a Mac, but I didn’t think it was for me –– I thought it was for the “creative” side of my industry –– the graphic designers, Web site developers, etc.  I wasn’t planning to make an indie movie.  I email; I surf the Internet; I blog; I write; I build PowerPoint presentations; I take photos and simple videos.

My wait was unnecessary.  It didn’t take long to be up and running on the Mac, doing everything I did on my PC –– and so much more.

But as much as I love my Mac, I love the Apple experience even more.  Apple has successfully managed to integrate itself into women’s lives with intuitive design, well-lit stores and learning centers that provide genius bars, in store workshops and one-to-one personal training.

And while the folks at Apple aren’t specifically marketing to women, they certainly recognize how to speak to them.  They understand that women need products that fit into their lives and serve not only their needs, but also those of the rest of their families.  And that when you meet the needs of women, you typically exceed the needs of men.