Marketing CPG Brands to Build Online & In-Store Sales

With online, direct-to-consumer, and click-and-collect options, buying CPG products is easier than ever before. When marketing CPG brands, providing those flexible options to consumers, and building awareness through social media marketing, are both essential for staying competitive and building online and in-store sales.

Social media marketing gives marketers the ability to reach vast numbers of potential consumers while getting instant feedback about their brand.   

Staying engaged on social media platforms gives marketers the ability to pivot messaging and update campaigns in minutes, which is particularly critical in a world that is changing daily. What may be relevant today may be old news tomorrow.

The following are some tips for marketing CPG brands to boost in-store and online sales.

Get Proactive

The digital space demands that marketers position their brand, product, or service in front of their target audience to get the best conversion.

While in traditional brick and mortar stores that means positioning products at eye-level, in the digital world it means making sure your brand pops up on your target audience’s screen in the right place at the right time.

Today, 60% of consumers on social media follow CPG brands that interest them. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat, marketers have many options for reaching the exact consumers who are most likely to buy their products.

Target Your Audience

Though social platforms provide the opportunity for CPG brands to reach a wide range of consumers, many will not be your target audience. It’s important to target the specific consumers you’d like to reach and convert.

Working with clients like Summit Brands, we’ve seen the authentic results of audience targeting and customized messaging. Many CPG brands, including cleaning products, experience a boost during the spring when consumers conduct major spring cleaning efforts in their homes and businesses. It’s vital to manage messaging and pivot in response to world events, such as COVID-19, to continue driving awareness and sales.

Practice Social Listening

Knowing what consumers are saying about your brand is always essential, but it’s particularly important right now. As the nation continues to transition back to a state consumers recognize, opinions will be shared on a heightened level.

Buyers are more aware than ever of brands’ position and messaging surrounding cultural and global events, as well as their treatment of employees. Practicing continued social listening will provide consistent consumer insights that allow you to make more informed marketing decisions and to address any problems early.

Craft Compelling Content

Whether for a retail launch, new product announcement, upcoming sampling events, or everyday consumer messaging, social media content is vital to marketing CPG brands. Through data and social listening, make sure to craft content that consumers want, and in the format they prefer, such as images or videos on Facebook Live, Instagram or Facebook Stories, or on TikTok and Snapchat videos.

In addition to the branded content you create, invite consumers to submit user-generated content, whether for contests or special offers. Increase engagement by soliciting product reviews, posting product polls, or sharing quizzes. Your social content will be more memorable when you create a healthy mix of engaging, user-generated, and branded content.

Work with Influencers

At Girlpower Marketing, we see the power of influencer marketing daily. It’s crucial to marketing CPG brands, where the market is flooded with variations of products and choices. Forty-nine percent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations to make a decision, and 51% of marketers say repurposed influencer content outperforms brand-created content.

Influencer campaigns are an excellent way to deliver authentic, informative content that shoppers trust and respond to. In addition to national campaigns, influencers can also drive local awareness and sales support through local-area events and in-store sampling.

These techniques are instrumental in developing and maintaining connections with your consumers to drive sales and boost your bottom line. If we can help establish or increase social media marketing for your brand, don’t hesitate to reach out.