Marketing to Women: Baby Boomers and Beauty

We’ve spoken often about how women baby boomers are the most affluent consumer segment today; yet they are continually underrepresented or (worse yet) completely ignored by marketers. BOOMbox Network conducted a survey with women over the age of 45 to see how they feel about their beauty at this life stage. As the survey notes, it was no surprise to find respondents lamenting about how most beauty brands do a very poor job of communicating with them. Details of the findings are in the infographic below, but some highlights of the findings include:

  • For women over 50, hair is super important!
  • They feel more beautiful in midlife than when they were in their 20s
  • They do not believe most beauty product claims
  • They do not like the use of younger models or celebrities in advertising targeting them
  • They define beauty in terms of confidence

Beauty marketers, are you listening to these Baby Boomers?

Baby Boomer Beauty Survey Infographic