Working Mom Spotlight on Girlpower Marketing

Girlpower Marketing's Linda Landers

I met Kerry Rivera not too long ago. Besides being a full-time working mom of three kids, Kerry writes for a variety of outlets and has her own wonderful blog called Breadwinning Mama. She recently invited me to participate in her blog’s “Working Mom Spotlight,” which I thought I’d share here. Thanks, Kerry!

Her Juggle: Linda Landers

Networking when you have a full-time gig and kids is tough, but I almost always find the effort worth it. There are so many interesting people to meet, and when I discovered Linda Landers, owner of Girlpower Marketing, I had to reach out and invite her to coffee. Her company is so needed by brands today (as her stats will reveal), and I wanted to learn more about her career journey and life as “mom.” Check out “her juggle” and learn more about her company. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Read more here . . .